COVID-19 Update from iKcon: iKcon is adhering to Covid best practices in Infection Control management in the conduct of its business. iKcon will do its utmost to help stem and eradicate Covid through its business processes. Click to read the full statement.

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We offer bespoke solutions for any business. Just set up a free consultation and we’ll walk through what your team needs most.

More about Ivan

I have over 25 years’ experience working with hundreds of companies in the high-tech material science, ICT, construction, innovation, supply chain, project management, healthcare, chemical and engineering industries from around the world. I have worked equally diligently with mom & pop firms and global corporations, listening to the news of CEOs and General Operatives. I have gained a reputation of someone who listens to the client to truly understand their needs without rushing in with solutions. I have a skill in breaking down complex problems and providing simple solutions that are tailored for the client. 

Over the years I’ve gained qualifications that I blend and use to create tailored solutions for my clients. Qualifications include: Chartered Engineer with Engineers Ireland, Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master in Technology & Innovation (MSc), Bachelor of Engineering, Project Management Professional (PMP), PRINCE2 Practitioner, AGILE, Six Sigma


Sectors We’ve Worked With

ICT and High-Tech Sector

From IOT to machine learning to hard core engineering to the development of nanomaterials. iKcon has broad industry experience with established multinational corporations to agile innovative start up companies. iKcon has manged projects, helped develop products & intellectual property and solved significant problems and on behalf of its clients.

Supply Chain and Engineering Sector

iKcon has focused on blending the operational needs of managing cost, quality, availability and regulatory compliance while developing empathic strategies for clients. iKcon has helped clients to develop bespoke supply chains and deliver on hard metrics while guiding on relationship management strategies for long term supplier partnerships.

HealthCare and Charitable Sector

iKcon dedicated significant resources to help with the Covid HSE PPE issue, with Ivan as an acting COO for an open source group of over 1,200 scientists, engineers, and business leaders. iKcon has also delivered digitisation solutions, business continuity plans, product design strategies and  go to market strategies for local and global health solution companies.


"Ivan is highly skilled in business and management and has a strong engineering background. He is a valuable adviser on our development to market journey."

– Founders, IoT Start Up

伊凡 Ivan 在寻找方法来发展我们的国际业务方面是非常博学的

(Ivan is extremely knowledgeable in finding ways to grow our international business.)

– GM, Manufacturing

“Я могу рекомендовать Ивана как человека, который способен быстро решать сложные системные задачи”

(Ivan is an expert on quickly solving complex and systemic  business issues)

– Supply Chain Manager, Innovative Materials

“Ivan guided us to identify possible pinch points and areas of vulnerability so that we could take steps to better safeguard our organisational efficiency, effectiveness and business continuity. “

– CEO, Leading NGO

我们会向其他想要快速省钱并增加利润的公司推荐 Ivan

(We would recommend Ivan to other companies who want to quickly save money and grow profits.)

– GM, Manufacturing

“Ivan e' stato un supporto eccelente per selezionare e sviluppare soluzioni semplici e innovative. Il suo lavoro dimostra massima attenzione per il cliente.”

(Ivan helped us to find simple, innovative and customer focused solutions with our new products)

– CTO, Machine Learning Start Up

Ivan 非常致力于确保我们的问题得到解决

(Ivan is very dedicated to making sure our problems were solved.)

– GM, Manufacturing



iKcon and Covid

iKcon is adhering to Covid best practices in Infection Control management as set out by the HSE and the World Health Organisation (WHO) in the conduct of its business. iKcon will do its utmost to help stem and eradicate Covid through its business processes. iKcon is...

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Inflection Points

By Ivan Kelly In January 2018, HP Inc. closed the facility at which I had spent the bulk of my professional career. It was not a surprise. We all knew it was coming and had worked hard in the months prior to assure the transition of business to other HP Inc....

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